The Agricultural Company Maiorano has been breeding  sheep since the end of 800, producing mainly canestrato Italian sheep cheese from Crotone according to the rules dictated by the ancient tradition dating back to the fifteenth century: the Pecorino Crotonese.
This particular version of Pecorino Crotonese cheese owes its originality to the use of sheep’s milk by the Gentile race (one of the most important Italian native sheep breeds) and rennet of kid.
Born in a territory rich of grazing lands in the most heterogeneous Calabria which from the Sila looks at the “Marchesato” and extends to the Ionian Sea. An excellent ricotta cheese is also produced by the same milk. Every morning, you can buy this ricotta cheese  fresh or smoked by olive  and orange wood, coming from the organic olive and orange tree groves belonging to the Maiorano family.
With  the cow's milk other traditional silane products are also produced such as ricotta cheese,  which is lighter  than the sheep ricotta cheese, and provola.
The company and its store are located in the center of the province of Crotone, one of the few corners of Italy which can masterfully evoke the bucolic images of Ancient Greek colonies. The production of Pecorino Crotonese strictly adheres to what the territory of the Marquis Crotonese can offer and the guaranteed quality of the pastures   that are no more than 20 kilometers from the farm. For this reason, the Maiorano’s Pecorino cheese is considered the real “Crotonese” pecorino cheese  because it has a very precise organoleptic composition, which cannot be found in pastures that are thousands of miles away from Crotone. Few months ago Pecorino Crotonese obteined the D.O.P certification and the Azienda Agricola Maiorano was one of the main actors in the process.