Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Maiorano extra virgin " FogliaVerde," to the eye presents itself with a golden yellow color, rich with green reflection. To the nose, it has a hint of fruity olive of high intensity, reminiscent of olives picked still green. In addition, to the nose, it still gives persistent strong hints of unripe tomato, thyme and freshly mown grass, in which balanced notes of golden apple and banana are added.

The taste is fine and powerful, characterized by the pleasant intense and determined tones of spicy and bitter. The measured notes of black pepper and artichoke, follow the olfactory sensations reminiscent of fresh walnut and bitter almond, which close the taste of Maiorano "FogliaVerde" extra virgin olive oil.


Recommended dishes

When cooking, "FogliaVerde" completes and enhances structured dishes, grilled vegetables, mushrooms and soups of the peasant tradition. Excellent with roast kid, lamb ribs, rabbit and large game on the grill.