The “Crotonese”  pecorino cheese
pecorino crotonese

The “Crotonese” pecorino cheese

A key product of the cheese-making tradition from Crotone, that for centuries has been on the tables of the most refined gourmets, is a hard cheese, semi-cooked, made with sheep's whole milk. The Pecorino Crotonese  cheese is white or pale yellow with a compact structure. The fresh pecorino cheese has a delicate and harmonious aroma while the more aged pecorino cheese has a savory and spicy taste. In the aging process, the product is "capped" with extra virgin olive oil which, creating a yellowish crust, indicates successful maturation.


Small Size of about 1 Kg – Lightly-Salted, Fresh, Semi-hard, Hard

Medium size of about 2 Kg – Lightly-Salted, Fresh, Semi-hard, Hard, Grotta

Large size of about 6 kg – Grand reserve

Shape: Cylindrical with flat surfaces.

Vacuum - Packed.

Pecorino Crotonese cheese Grotta (cave)
The Pecorino Crotonese cheese is transported in natural caves and matures there for periods of not less than six months. Eventually, thanks to the particular moisture in its crevices and natural molds, a dark patina that characterizes the cheese is created. Unique in its kind, it is especially loved by connoisseurs and enthusiasts.
Pecorino Crotonese cheese Hard
Surpassing one hundred and eighty days of aging the Pecorino Crotonese cheese acquires a strong taste, with a slightly spicy aftertaste. It is recommended to eat it in small pieces, perhaps with honey or fruit jam.
Pecorino Crotonese cheese Grand reserve
The long aging period of at least one year, makes Pecorino Crotonese cheese Grand Reserve the jewel of the Company’s production. It is produced in sizes larger than the normal ones that reach 5/7 Kg of weight. Available only by order.
Pecorino Crotonese cheese Fresh
The aging process of thirty days leaves the cheese soft and delicate. Suitable for those who do not love strong flavors, but still do not want to give up the taste of high quality pecorino cheese.
Pecorino Crotonese cheese Semi-hard
With its aging, which varies from thirty to one hundred and eighty days, the cheese is more appreciated and is usually preferred by those that know about cheese but dare not venture.